Welcome to the leading auto locksmith company based in the city of Sheffiled.

Car Locksmith Sheffield is a locksmith company that is dedictaed to providing a high quality service for those who are looking for an auto locksmith. We have some of the best qualified car locksmiths in teh Sheffiled area and as such we can ensure that we can provide a complted and affordable service time and time again. In the event that you need an auto locksmith then make us your first point of contact.

We have been going for many years and if you are from Sheffield we can get to you quickly and get you to regain entry to your vehicle.

Auto Locksmiths

Car Locksmith Sheffield is a well recognised company that offer quality workmanship.

Car Locksmith Sheffield covers all auto locksmith services. These include providing car key replacements, on site key cutting, and programming keys. In addition to providing the services mentioned our speciality is allowing our customers who have been locked out of there vehicles to regain entry. You can be assured that we will provide a efficent service. We work on a full 24 hour emergency hotline.

There are many reasons why you should choose Car Locksmith Sheffield. The main two reasons being cost and a quick service.

Motorbike Locksmiths

Our company has the skill and tools to deal with motorbike and scooter lockouts and key issues.

There are only a few companies that operate in Sheffield that carry out motorbike and Scooter locksmith services. We are one of the few companies that provide such a service. We can dela with all motorbike and scooter brands. we can cover all locksmithing duties including motorbike key cutting and re-progamming services. All this can be done on site and as such save you time.

Why dont you call us and speak to one of our motorbike locksmiths and discuss what your requirements are. We glad to help.


When dealing with vehicle locksmiths and the like, it is crucial that when your vehicle lock breaks that you have a highly competent locksmith in Sheffield who is able to offer repairs or replacements in a prompt manner. We are dedicated to providing the best services in this regard, and over the last few years, our popularity has grown immensely due to our rapid response time and affordable rates.

Our team of locksmiths in Sheffield can assist with broken and lost car keys, VAT problems, transponders, car lockouts, broken keys, extractions, and much more. We do our best for our customers, which means providing them the best services locally. It is our pleasure to offer solutions to your vehicle locksmith foibles. Here is just a shortlist of some of our standard features: installing, repairing, and replacing all kinds of vehicle locks, re-keying, broken key removals, key duplication, lost transponders, opening vehicles, and gaining access.

All of the technicians that belong to our company are skilled in every area of the field, and they are always ready to serve you, wherever you are located, and whatever time of day it is. We have logged many years of experience over the last several years or so, and we employ only those with the most elite skills. We understand better than anyone that often dealing with being locked out or losing one’s keys can often be stressful. We will do our part to ease the stress and provide a fast and safe method for getting you back to your routine. We not only provide our exclusive services at inexpensive rates, but the vast list of features that we provide far surpasses our
competitors. We also carry out services such as Locksmith Oldham, and Locksmith Sheffield

We do our best to make sure that our locksmiths maintain the latest training, as there are many current changes that are taking place with technology. All of the issues that can go wrong with newer vehicles typically do at some point. So this is why it is vital to have informed individuals belonging to our successful business in Sheffield. Our Auto Locksmith Sheffield all of your emergency locksmiths are on hand in order to assist in your great time of need. Eventually, a lockout of some type will occur for just about everyone; this is why it is always essential to be prepared for such an unfortunate event. Our advanced tools and skills are available to you at all times, and we sincerely hope that you take advantage of our many helpful services.

Lost Car Keys

Car Locksmith Sheffield offer a full and complete auto locksmith service which includes replacement of lost car keys. This in most cases can be offered on site. Other than car keys we can offer the same service for lorries and vans also. Get in touch to and get a free no obligation quote.

Replacement Car Keys

Replacing car keys can be very expensive as it usually requires going to your car dealers who usually charge astronomical fees. Using a independant locksmith company like Car Locksmith Sheffield will not only allow you to get your car keys replaced but you can get your car keys replaced cheaply.

Broken Car Keys

Broken car keys can be a real problem as it usually results in client requiring replacement car keys. However most people that we deal with have their car keys broken in their car doors or ignitions. We can help remove the broken keys form the ignition and doors and provide new ones.